Novels and short stories

Jeffrey Peter Clarke


Gilgamesh, victorious king of ancient Uruk, is first and boldest of heroes. To curb his lust for Uruk's women the gods create a man of the wilds to challenge him. They embark together upon bizarre adventures but offend the gods who wreak a cruel revenge.

Gilgamesh, fearful of his own mortality, hears of a man who, guided by the gods, survived the great flood by building an ark and then was granted eternal life.

Gilgamesh's quest to discover this man's secret of everlasting life takes him from Uruk on a journey of conflict and danger, through the valley of shadows, across the waters of death and into unknown lands.

Immortality reveals a shocking truth but this will lead to a far greater challenge when his kingdom is faced with destruction.


Brett has escaped the clamour of life on Earth to fly cargo and personnel for the colonies on Mars. Passing over the vast mountains and canyons of the red planet his imagination is free and open. He hears what others do not.

 The General arrives from Earth to take overall command of the colonies and increase mining profitability for investors on the home planet. But he has a secret agenda to be funded by those higher profits. He will establish total control on Mars and rule as the head of a new order.

As mining is intensified a shocking truth is revealed, but only to Brett is made known the full and deadly fate of the colonies unless he and Karin can stop the General. Death and disaster strike as the General pursues his insane mission.



Theseus, raised in secret to avoid assassination, arrives in Athens to find his true father, King Aegeus. Here he learns of the tribute paid each year in youths and girls to the despotic King Minos, ruler of Knossos on Crete. What has been their fate?

Theseus insists he goes with them to discover the truth.

What he witnesses at the king’s palace is astonishing but beneath Knossos lies the grim labyrinth where lurks in darkness the horrific and bloody Minotaur with a craving for human flesh. Into this fetid pit of hell Minos will condemn as sacrifice the youngsters from Athens.

Theseus has other ideas but how is he alone to defeat the beast of the labyrinth?



Open the door to Hidden Worlds where the light of day is gone and fear arises to stalk the unsuspecting.

It can happen any time - in the shopping centre, a country village, a desert land or a holiday - when the invisible portal swings aside in silence and the unsuspecting passer-by is unknowingly drawn through.

Hidden Worlds explores the sinister and bizarre in two volumes each of ten original short stories set in different times and different lands: in England, in Italy, in Egypt and in Australia, and on another world.

There is no moral point to be made, no social message to impart - only the threshold to be crossed, perhaps to another dimension, perhaps never to return.

Good old-fashioned stories are alive - or at least undead.

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Troy lay in burning ruins, her proud king Priam dead. The Greek fleet under Agamemnon, king of great Mycenae, sailed for home burdened with loot. A storm struck but its passing found the ships of his ally, Odysseus, king of Ithaca had vanished.

Ten years pass and Odysseus’ wife Penelope, beset by suitors intent upon seizing his kingdom, insists her husband will return. The suitors are closing in. Some plan to destroy Telemachus, Penelope’s son of twenty years.

Telemachus sets sail to discover the fate of his father, meets danger on land and sea, finds romance but what has he learned of Odysseus?

And if they meet, what bizarre and cruel tales will Odysseus relate to account for those missing years? How is his kingdom to be regained in the face of such menacing odds?



Karen and Richard met by chance, strangers in an unfamiliar town. They were used to the good life and each saw fit to take advantage of the other.

A weekend of pleasure was their aim as they set off over the Pennines that rainy night. But they took a wrong turning down a confusing, deserted lane. Bogged down in a remote area with no phone signals, they could not call for help.

Perhaps there was help to be found when they saw a distant light and to this they were drawn as moths. But in the depths of night both found they had passed through a portal into hell. What were the horrors they witnessed and how could they ever find freedom as their own dire fate became clear?


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